1984 Trackmobile 4500TM Rail Car Mover


Tractive Effort Rating: Up to 45,000 lbs. when Double Coupled, 30,000 lbs. when Single coupled.

Engine: Detroit V-6-Diesel Engine. 9562 hrs

Transmission & Drop Case: 2.13 to 1 torque multiplication ratio. Constant mesh spur gearing; dual range; 3 speeds forward; 6 speeds reverse. Low: 0-4.4 mph Intermediate: 0-8.3 mph High: 0-22.3 mph

Rail Wheel Gear Case: Heavy duty hardened alloy steel spiral bevel helical gears. Positive flow oil bath lubrication.

Brakes: Rail – Air over hydraulic power actuated, 18.6” diameter disc on all 4 rail wheels. Train braking, 32CFM. Road wheel, Disc Brakes.

Wheels: Rail – 18” (457mm) diameter, heat treated, cast steel. Road – Tractor type, heavy-duty retractable suspension with 8.25 x 15, 12 ply tires.

Drive: Rail: Through transmission and rail wheel gear case driving axle and side rods to driven axle. Road – Through transmission auxiliary drive output driving axle. Automatically disengaged in retracted position.

Frame: Heavy duty, all welded from preformed steel plate and structural shapes.

Couplers: Heavy duty, cast steel, Trackmobile pioneered weight transfer design. Positive coupling and uncoupling with AAR contour coupler and locking knuckle. Air operated knuckle release from cab for easy coupling and uncoupling. Knuckle is 4” thick.

General Specifications: Width – 121” Length – 188” Height – 145” Weight – 42,000 lbs. Road Clearance – 9”

Operator Cab: Driver conditioned, totally enclosed heavy guage steel wielded, vibration dampener mounted cab, easy to use instruments and controls. Two 180 degree swivel seats, virtual 360 degree velar vision, two electric windshield wipers, sound insulation, cab heater and defroster fan.

Hydraulic System: Constant pressure system with engine running to ensure maximum traction and braking ability and to prevent road wheels settling. Direct connected variable displacement, pressure compensating, piston pump. Hydrostatic pump for road drive.

Sanders: Eight air operated, flow adjustable sanders, mounted on body frame. Sanding both front and rear at all rail wheels.